Our Mission

A high quality response to the constant search for gastronomic multimedia content. We are fully focused on the specific needs of our clients, having a multidisciplinary team composed by photographers, videographers and chefs. We offer customized content and all the technical support you need. Operating worldwide, we aim to be a reference in quality, professionalism and creativity in the audiovisual gastronomic production.


Pedro Lobo

Creative Director

A psychologist by trade came to the professional kitchen as an apprentice under chef Cordeiro, who he met whilst a competitor of Masterchef Portugal. He cooked under the command of several recognized chefs for about 10 years until he embraced the Bite Shot Studio project, where today, serves very different clients: the cameras.


Carlos Magalhães

Post-Production Director

After studying Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication at the Universidade Lusófona, he worked as a motion designer for RTP and as a special effects artist for several post production houses. As a passion never comes alone, and the special effects didn’t fill his appetite he decided to join the passion for the kitchen with the audiovisual experience. If it already makes the effects "special" imagine the food!


Marta Ramos

Production Director

With dreams so BIG (she's very small) she couldn't contain her creativity within her head. Soon had to share it with everyone and jumped head first into YouTube with the "A Ginger Alice" channel. With more than three thousand followers and almost half a million views, she drags you down the rabbit's hole. When she suddenly felt very big at the University of Beira Interior, she decided to travel to Lisbon and embrace the production of video and photography of food. This experience made her feel very small at times, she even got to meet the bad queen, and also a bunch of mad hatters who shared her love for art. Now she runs the production of her own wonderland.